Salford want to co-design new interventions for people with complex social and mental health needs who fall through the gaps between primary and secondary care. Some of the people they want to help include are:

  • local residents who have experienced trauma in childhood

  • people experiencing or at risk of crisis

  • people struggling with housing, money and physical issues

  • and those with poor mental health but not necessarily a diagnosis

lambeth model.jpeg

The CCG is coordinating Salford’s Living Well UK programme, and working closely alongside key local partners such as Start, Six Degrees, Mind in Salford, Salford Mental Health Forum, Salford Royal Foundation Trust and Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust. The Innovation Unit are assisting them through the Living Well UK programme funded by the National Lottery.


Salford want to learn from the work done in Lambeth (London) to design their own ‘front door’ to mental health services, drawing on the rich array of local assets and existing offers, to rethink how local organisations work together around the person so that anyone can access the right kind of help and support easily and quickly.


Salford Mental Health Forum have been supporting this work by making sure that people with lived experience of mental health are at the heart of every design made about how these services are designed and delivered locally. 


Our Chair Dan along with members Sarah, Andy, and J are part of the Living Well design board linking with forum members and mental health service users in Salford to ensure that your voices are heard throughout this new approach to delivering high quality support at the right place and right time to the people who need it.