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What can members do?


  • Receive newsletters, e-bulletins and invitations to events.

  • Support the activities and services of the Charity

  • Elect members or stand for election onto the Board of Trustees

  • Hold voting rights on decisions taken at Member General Meetings

  • Volunteer with us, speaking and acting in the name of the Charity


Who can become a member?


Any adult aged over 18 in Salford including:

  • Mental health service users

  • People who have used mental health services in the past

  • Carers of mental health service users

  • Any member of the public


All members must support the Charity’s purposes to relieve the needs of people in Salford who experience or who are at risk of experiencing poor mental health, their families and carers by:

  • Providing peer support including a forum for discussion and exchange

  • Raising public awareness in all areas relating to mental health

  • Working with health providers to promote best practice in mental health treatment and services


Types of Membership


Individual membership is also open to professionals working with mental health service users, their carers or who are working towards the Charity’s purposes within Salford.


Associate membership is open to organisations working with mental health service users, their carers or who are working towards the Charity’s purposes within Salford. Organisations are only eligible for one vote in members decision making at general meetings by a regular representative.

How To Apply

You can fill in the Application Form below or download it here to return by email it to

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Membership Application Form

Please complete all the fields on the application form. All new applications are adopted by our Board of Trustees once a month after which they will write to you.

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In accordance with the requirements set out in our Constitution (the rules of how Salford Mental Health Forum is governed), each member is liable to pay or promise to pay a maximum of £1 if the organisation were ever to become insolvent. As a Charity, Salford Mental Health Forum is required by law to have a provision in place to cover this extremely unlikely situation.


Data Protection: The information you provide on this application form will be held by Healthwatch Bury in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This information will be used to keep you involved in our work. By completing and returning this form to us you are giving your consent for this information to be used for these purposes. The Salford Mental Health Forum Privacy Policy can be found on our website here.

Thanks for applying!